Meeting “Time, Art and Experience in Dialogue”

The “Time, Art and Experience in Dialogue” seminar will take place on 9 and 10 July in the Institute of Social Sciences. Organized by the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) and LAB2PT, this meeting includes thematic tables, conferences and a theater workshop.

The first day begins with the communications of Ana Lia Rodrigues, Jorge de Faria Moreira and Felipe Dall’Orto, CECS researchers. Also on the morning of the 9th, in the conference space, Susana de Noronha (CES) will present the communication “Shaping and coloring the time of cancer: from experience of illness to creative scientific illustration”, followed by Cidália Silva (LAB2PT) with the presentation “Time and Space”. In the afternoon, the discussion tables continue with Sara Borges (MSc in Communication, Art and Culture), Cleo do Vale (PhD student in Fashion Design) and Ivna Borge (PhD in Cultural Studies).

The 10th is dedicated to the Theater of the Oppressed workshop, with Felipe Dall’Orto. The Theater of the Oppressed is a playful and pedagogical methodology, an effective instrument of communication and search for concrete alternatives to real problems. It creates conditions for the oppressed to appropriate the means of producing theater and thus to expand their possibilities of expression. By eliminating the barriers between the stage and the audience, it establishes a direct, active and purposeful dialogue. In this workshop, up to 20 people can participate, and the registration was previously made through the email:

This seminar is the result of the doctoral project of Ana Lia Rodrigues.

Complete program here.

[Posted: 02-07-2019]