“7 Days with the Media” initiative is fast approaching

The annual initiative “7 days with the Media” is back, from 3rd to 9th May 2017. This is the fifth edition that is organized by the GILM – Informal Group on Literacy for Media, in association with CECS. The activities must be previously registered on the site.

Like in 2016, the challenge is put to the most diverse players in society, such as libraries, the media, primary and secondary schools, colleges, student groups, research and training centers, blogs, social networks, various associations, Seniors Universities, different movements, churches, municipalities, among others.

In an era in which, with the support of information and communication technologies, more and more citizens have access to word and voice in the public space, the issues of freedom – and consequent responsibility – are even more urgent, as a challenge to the quality of public life in global society. Hence the start of Operation Seven Days with the Media on May 3rd, The World Press Freedom Day.

Here are some of the many topics that may be the basis of initiatives and projects to be developed by whom you want to associate: how the media influences and even shapes daily life and culture; Disparities in resources to cope and take advantage of opportunities and circumvent the risks of old and new media; Today’s challenges to freedom of expression and publication, with new and sophisticated forms of control and surveillance; The responsibilities of citizenship in the face of media communication.

Complete information, here.