Cultural Studies and Gender Studies articulated in a Permanent Seminar on Communication and Diversity

The session of the Permanent Seminar on Communication and Diversity on “Gender and cultural studies: contexts and intersections”, with Camila Craveiro, Dunia Etura and Sheila, was held on June 15 at 2.30 pm in the ICS Meeting Room. Khan.

The dynamism of Cultural and Gender Studies is visible in the diversity of scientific production registered in recent years. With distinct historical origins and paths, the need for articulation between these areas of study became clear. This session of the Permanent Seminar on Communication and Diversity sought to discuss this articulation through the presentation of two empirical studies.

With a communication entitled “Being (and aging) a Brazilian migrant in Portugal: experiences re-told in Stories of Life”, Camila Craveiro explained the results of the life stories she has done with Brazilian women over 50 and living in Portugal more of 10 years. He also explained his agency strategies to fight against prejudice.

In turn, Dunia Etura presented “The influence of the women journalists of TVE in the change of model of woman of the Francoism to the democratic transition”, explaining the Spanish historical context in the decades of Franco dictatorship and what the impact that the women who television have brought in terms of narratives and themes.
This session was organized in partnership with Think Tank Communitas.