Cultural transformations and the field of culture in the digital age

“Is the digital revolution a cultural revolution?” was the title of the Rémy Rieffel lecture, a researcher at the University of Paris, presented on April 9th.

Rémy Rieffel problematized the limits of the cultural transformations that affect culture in the digital age. The presentation returned to Pierre Bourdieu’s vision of the cultural field to reflect on the changes experienced in this area with the dissemination of new media especially with social networks. On the one hand, Rieffel presented elements defended by optimists, among them Henry Jenkins, who consider that the culture of convergence enlarges the participation. On the other hand, the author emphasized the distrust of researchers who emphasize the negative aspects of the digital age, especially the monitoring that is created about individuals, restricting freedom, in the way that George Orwell predicted in the work “1984”.