Collaborative exhibition “Olhares sobre as culturas em Língua Portuguesa”

Resuming the celebrations of the World Day of the Portuguese Language, the Virtual Museum of Lusophony launches a challenge to create a collaborative virtual exhibition featuring content contributed by people from Portuguese-speaking countries!

The collection, named Olhares sobre as culturas em Língua Portuguesa (Perspectives on Portuguese Language Cultures), aims to bring together diverse artistic expressions encompassing urban art, dance, music, literature, poetry, cinema, visual arts, public space interventions, and other forms of expression within the Lusophone sphere.

Participating in this challenge is simple. All you need to do is submit image records (photographs or videos) showcasing cultural and artistic expressions from any Portuguese-speaking country. Please include a caption for each image. The submissions should have a good resolution (above 1024×768), be captured by the sender, and be sent to the emaill until May 31.

The collaborative exhibition Olhares sobre as culturas em Língua Portuguesa is scheduled to be launched in July 2023 on the Google Arts & Culture platform. Proper credits will be given to the authors, and participants will receive a certificate of participation.

[Posted: 10-05-2023]