CECS researcher’s exhibition opens at Galeria do Paço

The exhibition ” O direito sobre si mesmo: 150 anos da abolição da escravatura no império português” (The right over oneself: 150 years of abolition of slavery in the Portuguese Empire) was inaugurated last 10 November, at Galeria do Paço. Curated by Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo and José Pedro Monteiro, the exhibition includes documents from the Torre do Tombo National Archives and the Overseas Historical Archive and will be open at Galeria do Paço until 31 December.

Organised by the Portuguese Parliament in collaboration with the Directorate-General of Books, Archives and Libraries, the exhibition is part of initiatives and exercises of symbolic memory and civic reflection that the Portuguese Parliament has been developing in the framework of the Commemorations of the Bicentennial of Portuguese Constitutionalism. It results from intense collaboration between Parliament and several institutions and specialists in various areas of knowledge, who joined forces to mark one of the most important dates in our collective history: the abolition of slavery.

This exhibition seeks to contribute to a reappraisal of the abolition of slavery in Portugal, taking as its pretext the Decree of 25 February 1869 and integrating it into the historical dynamics that preceded and surpassed it.

[Posted: 11-11-2021]