Exhibitions curated by Lucas Reis and Bruno Dias at the Virtual Museum of Lusophony

The exhibition Não há muro em branco que eu não possa pintar, about the artist Dalai (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1997), curated by Lucas Reis, and the exhibition As vozes silenciosas das paredes de Coimbra, curated by Bruno Dias, are available from today, July 27 2021, on the platform of the Virtual Museum of Lusophony, on Google Arts & Culture.

Não há muro em branco que eu não possa pintar

“With the gentrification process over the last few years in Porto, Portugal, the walls are becoming increasingly grey as the public authorities remove all artistic interventions they consider inconvenient in the visual landscape of the city. So Dalai, an artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is spreading his signature, something like “I was here”, in the idle gaps of the city. A way of decolonising the public space and proposing a kind of historical reparation through his art, painting what could be his own face or that of any other racialised person living in this place called Europe”.

Curated by Lucas Reis

As vozes silenciosas das paredes de Coimbra

“Coimbra is a city with particular attributes. It has a permanent and constant ebullient relationship between its rich historical, political and cultural past and intense present. A simple walk through the narrow streets, courtyards, stairways and medieval arches shows how these elements remain alive in the urban environment, communicating with contemporary issues. One can see a diversity of political and social manifestations and vindications, many of which lie in the inscriptions that are spread anonymously across the city”.

Curated by Bruno Dias

[Posted: 27-07-2021]