Felisbela Lopes joins the commission that will propose a White Paper for the SNS

For invitation of the Minister of Health, Felisbela Lopes, a professor associated with aggregation at University of Minho and a CECS researcher in the field of health communication, is a member of the committee that will draft a White Paper about “Present and Future of the National Health Service”. The committee is composed for 12 members and will be coordinated by Constantino Sakellarides, retired Professor of Health Policies at the National School of Public Health and former General Director of Health.

According to the Ministerial Order, this Committee will seek to promote a technical analysis and strategic reflection about the present and future of the SNS by integrating multisectoral contributions into the different policy areas. This work will be developed through the following working groups: Harmonization of Public Policies – impacts and implications on the SNS; Centrality of the Citizen in the SNS; Organization and Human Capital of the SNS; and SNS Performance – transforming resources and processes into results. This White Paper is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of next year.