Filipa Subtil at the opening of the VI Jornadas Doutorais em Ciências da Comunicação & Estudos Culturais

The VI Jornadas Doutorais  em Ciências da Comunicação & Estudos Culturais will be held on 15 and 16 October in the ICS.

“Between transmission and culture: a fundamental problem for communication” is the title of the opening lecture presented by Filipa Subtil, professor at the Superior School of Social Communication, Lisbon. The organization is attended by more than two dozen participants.

The VI Doctorates are intended for doctoral and postdoctoral students in the fields of Communication and Cultural Studies and have the objective of sharing experiences, questions, advances or results of their research projects. They also seek to give visibility and strengthen the research work carried out in the fields of Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies, to provide spaces for dialogue and debate, to enable exchange of experiences and constructive critical evaluation.

In addition to the students, who are expected to participate actively and constructively, CECS researchers will contribute to the debate and critical scrutiny with work developed in the proposed themes, as well as those responsible for the scientific guidance of doctoral and postdoctoral projects.

The event is organized by CECS and open to everyone’s participation.

Program available here.

[Text published 11-10-2018 | Changed 15-10-2018]