Master in Communication Sciences

The Master in Communication Sciences is the second cycle programme that comes as the natural extension of the graduation course in Communication Sciences. It aims to deepen and specialise the knowledge acquired at the previous level, providing an adequate preparation for the development of a professional or research career in this disciplinary area. This course is divided into three distinct study plans: Audiovisual and Multimedia; Information and Journalism; Advertising and Public Relations.

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Master in Communication, Arts and Culture

The Master in Communication, Arts and Culture provides a multidisciplinary training that integrates the theoretical and methodological approaches of arts, communication and culture. These closely interlinked areas call for consolidated technical and scientific expertise and involve expanding economic and social activities. This master’s programme presents a consistent programme in the areas of culture, media and society, emphasising the relationship between media, politics and society, economic uses and potential, imagery and artistic production, the conceptualization of digital art, the relationship between the internet, art and culture, the formation of individual and social identities and intercultural relationship. This is a joint initiative of the Department of Sociology and the Department of Communication Sciences of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho.

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Other Masters

The CECS is a multidisciplinary research unit, so it has researchers who are sometimes supervising or coordinating masters projects included in other departments.

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