Research and Debate Forum “Youth and Climate Change

The Research and Debate Forum “Youth and Climate Change” will be held on June 26, at the Sala de Atos of the ICS.

In recent years, young people have assumed protagonism in the fight against climate change, either through protests in the streets and in schools, or in the public and digital debate.

In order to better understand what their motivations, opinions and visions are, it is proposed with this forum to gather six research and intervention projects in progress.

The meeting will enable the presentation of projects that are being developed at the University of Minho, the University of Porto and ISCTE-IUL on the involvement of young people with climate change, as well as a debate on several dimensions of common interest.

In the morning, the forum will be organized around presentations of six research projects and their main results. In the afternoon, it is intended to discuss transversal topics, such as what motivates (or discourages) the involvement of young people in the climate debate, what trends for individual involvement and collective action, what modes of youth activism are perceived in the current context, and what is the relationship of young people with the media regarding climate change.

It is expected with this event not only shares conclusions of studies already carried out but also deepens the reflection on different modes of research in a process of joint learning that may allow developing contributions to citizenship.

Students, teachers, researchers and the community, in general, are invited to participate in this meeting.
Participation should preferably be in person, but it will also be possible to attend virtually.

It is recommended to register (free of charge) until 20 June 2023, through this form.

The event is organized by the project “EngageforSDG – Youth Engagement with Sustainable Development Goals: The Choice of Moral Arguments in News for Use in Debate” and the project “JustFutures – Climate Futures and Just Transformations: Young People’s Narratives and Political Imaginaries”.

[Posted: 09-06-2023]