Francisca Amorim: new PhD in Communication Studies

Francisca Gonçalves Amorim’s PhD viva in Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society took place on May 3rd at 2.30pm.

The thesis is entitled “The Rhetoric of Affections. The case of the XX President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa”.

The jury, presided by Paulo Serra, is composed by:

– Moisés Adão de Lemos Martins, University of Minho;

– Fernando Vasco Moreira Ribeiro, University of Porto;

– Joaquim Mateus Paulo Serra, University of Beira Interior;

– José Manuel de Figueiredo Gomes Pinto, Universidade Lusófona;

– Samuel André Alves Mateus, University of Madeira;

– José António Duarte Domingues, Universidade da Beira Interior.

The exams took place in person and through the Zoom platform, and were broadcasted through the Youtube channel of the University of Beira Interior.

[Posted: 11-05-2021]