“Generations, Media and Diversities”

The CECS Permanent Seminar on Communication and Diversity (SPCD) promoted last March the 6th, a session under the theme “Generations, Media and Diversities”. The initiative, held at Engineering Hall I, was invigorated around the “Age, Generation and the Media” article by Göran Bolin and Eli Skogerbø (2013), and around the Ashton Applewhite’s TedTalk “Let’s End Ageism”.

These resources were crossed with the research work of Inês Amaral, Maria José Brites, Sara Isabel Magalhães and Lénia Rego. Inês Amaral is Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Miguel Torga and has developed research work on sociabilities in digital social networks, digital literacy, technologies and active aging, and media consumption in the digital age. Maria José Brites is Assistant Professor at the Lusófona University of Porto and is the Portuguese Coordinator of the European project Media in Action. Lénia Rego is a PhD student in Communication Sciences at the University of Minho and her research focus on the relationship between the elderly and the radio. Finally, Sara Isabel Magalhães develops her Postdoctoral project at the Centre for Psychology of the Porto University, looking at the multiple dimensions of aging through the lens of feminist media studies, of the critical social psychology and the theory of intersectionality.


Translation: Sara I. Magalhães
Photos: Vítor de Sousa