Scope and Objectives

The Culture, Arts and Communities Group is grounded on a multidisciplinary approach to communication studies focused on political and aesthetic dynamics of contemporary culture, namely identity, memory, interculturality, Lusophone cultures, discourse and languages, visual culture, and art. The group is composed by more than 40 researchers with a PhD degree and it aims at the following objectives:

– To analyse major trends across society, its cultural productions, technological devices and aesthetic expressions;

– To study discourses and social practices concerning critical issues such as gender relationships and power structures, climate change and environmental protection, colonial and postcolonial relations, with special emphasis on Lusophony.

– To rethink scientific culture concerning research and higher education policies, internationalisation of knowledge and academic career building strategies.


Research Foci

The Culture, Arts and Communities Group carries out research in three main areas:

– Bioscience, Justice and Citizenship;

– Gender Studies;

– Intercultural Communication: Cultures, Memories, Narratives, and Identities;

– Media Discourse Theory and Analysis;

– Scientific Culture;

– Visual, Sound and Art Cultures.