Scope and Objectives

The Media and Journalism Group focus its research activity in two main areas: the transformation of the media along with the reconfiguration of communication ecology; the approach to media and journalism concerning the enrichment of citizenship and deepening of democracy. With mora than 30 researchers with a PhD, this group is oriented to the following objectives:

– To analyse how media can encourage awareness and engagement of citizens and democratic participation;

– To carry out research and intervention projects in media education area;

– To create models of community communication;

– To develop a Lusophone observatory on online journalism;

– To organize a conference on online journalism each 5 years;

– To promote the audiences’ participation through the media.


Research Foci

The Media and Journalism Group focus both in mainstream media and digital multimedia. The activity of the group is organized in four main areas:

– Interactive and Digital Media;

– Journalism and Communication Education;

– Media Literacy and Citizenship;

– Media Professions.