Scope and Objectives

The Strategic Communication, Organisations and Territories Group combines academics with different qualifications, theoretical and methodological backgrounds such as communication, sociology, history, education, demography and geography. The group has more than 40 researchers with PhD and aims to articulate communication with societal needs and challenges.

Other objectives of the group are:

– To examine communication phenomena that include the use of planned and intentional persuasive messages by individuals, companies and institutions;

– To analyse specific social phenomena (e.g. aging, health and wellbeing, migration, disability, demographic transformations, lifelong learning);

– To study communicative strategies to promote cultural citizenship and social inclusion.

Research Foci

The Strategic Communication, Organisations and Territories Group carries out its activity on six main research foci:

– Communication and Cultural Policies;

– Organisational and Strategic Communication;

– Science Communication;

– Societal Challenges and Mediations for Innovative, Inclusive and Reflective Societies;

– Territory and Environment;

– Work and Organizations.