The audiovisual sector has not yet taken on the digital universe revolution

“Where is our TV going to?” This was the theme of the conference that brought together, in Lisbon, on October 4, the main decision makers of the Portuguese audiovisual sector. At a time when 25 years of private TV and 60 years of public TV are being marked, all speakers in the debate stressed the central role television played in these years. Everyone also agreed that there is a revolution that audiovisual has not yet taken on: the digital universe. There is a long way road that must be done with determination.

In a joint organization of CECS, Sopcom and ISCTE, this conference had three panels. The first, which brought together the presidents of RTP, SIC and TVI, sought to answer the following question: What centrality has conquered television? The second, filled with directors of information, problematized the information that the public seek. The third, which brought together Nuno Artur Silva (RTP), Júlia Pinheiro (SIC) and Cristina Ferreira (TVI), tried to realize what entertainment is nowadays on TV.

All participants were unanimous in agreeing that the biggest challenge will be in the digital universe. Although the theorists who studies television have already announced the post-television, but the certain thing is that this environment of convergence of screens continues being a promise to fulfill. There is not a continuous work at the level of native digital content, nor an effective participation and integration of citizens there. In each panel, emerged the idea that this electronic areopagus will now be a kind of promised land where we have not yet arrived. But it will be important, as soon as possible, to make this journey a true revolution.