Helena Sousa chairs the Portuguese Media Regulatory Authority

Helena Sousa has been unanimously elected as the Chair of the Portuguese Media Regulatory Authority (ERC). The decision was made at a meeting held on the morning of November 3, where members of the ERC’s Regulatory Board voted in favour of the appointment of the CECS researcher to lead the body.

The future Chair of the ERC is a full professor at the University of Minho, where she has held various significant roles, including being the Dean of the Institute of Social Sciences, Chair of the Cultural Council, and Director of the Department of Communication Sciences. She currently serves as the Chair of the Institute’s Council and is a member of the Ethics Council.

Within CECS, Helena Sousa led the project “The Regulation of the Media in Portugal: the case of ERC”, funded by the FCT, between 2010 and 2013. Additionally, she has been actively involved in initiatives such as coordinating PolObs, the Observatory of Science, Communication and Culture Policies, and serving as a member of the Independent General Council of RTP and was vice-director of the CECS between 2012 and 2015. She has collaborated for several years with the European Audiovisual Observatory, serves as the editor of the European Journal of Communication and is currently responsible for the Portuguese team of EuromediApp, a European project funded by the Erasmus + programme, dedicated to platform regulation policies. Helena Sousa has a noteworthy history of dedicated involvement and commitment at the University of Minho.

[Publicado: 03-11-2023]