“High Tech, High Impact?” International Advertising Meeting

The “High Tech, High Impact? International Advertising Meeting” will take place on the 4th and 5th of February at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

On the first day, the event has eleven communications divided into two blocks, a “talk” and a meeting of the Sopcom Advertising GT, coordinated by Ivone Ferreira and Sara Balonas. The first day of meetings also has space for a meeting to prepare applications for FCT projects.

“Contemporary Advertising Communication: a field of dispute between the new domination tactics (Sensory Advertising) and resistance strategies (Social Advertising)” is the theme of the conference by Patrícia Saldanha, from Universidade Federal Fluminense, which is scheduled for 10 am.

The event is a joint initiative of CECS, the Department of Communication Sciences University of Minho, the Institute of Communication and the Department of Communication Sciences at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing-Porto Alegre, in Brazil, and the Sopcom Advertising GT.

Streaming will be made (link available soon).

[Published: 29-01-2020]