History of laughter: publication looks at the evolution of laughter since classical antiquity

The book História do Riso [History of Laughter], by the researcher Abílio Almeida, has just been launched. In this publication, the author takes us through the emotional tides, from fear to sadness, from anger to joy, that laughter has gone through throughout the history of humankind, but – says the researcher – “especially in western history after the first century A.D.”.

In this essay, which stemmed from a doctoral thesis, the author reveals that, long before Augustine of Hippo (354 AD-430 AD), known in the Catholic universe as Saint Augustine, had theorised about the disuse of positive emotions in the social sphere, which the doctrine of the Church would promote for about 2000 years, Plato had already catechised him.

The História do Riso will be available in the national book market on October 25, in a Guerra e Paz edition prefaced by Professors Helena Sousa and Manuel Pinto, supervisors of Abílio Almeida’s thesis at the University of Minho.

[Posted: 19-10-2022]