Tribute to Albertino Gonçalves

Last November 29, the D. Diogo de Sousa Museum’s auditorium in Braga was filled with a tribute to Albertino Gonçalves.

Organized by the Sociology Department of the University of Minho and the Communication and Society Research Centre, the evening opened with a performance by the Ethnographic Group of Melgaço. Speeches by several friends and colleagues of the CECS researcher followed it.

Madalena Oliveira from CECS, Carlos Veiga from the Sociology Department, Joaquim Costa from the Organizing Committee, and Manoel Batista, Mayor of Melgaço, were part of the first panel. A moment of reflection on the academic life of Albertino Gonçalves by Moisés de Lemos Martins and moderation by Alice Matos ensued.

After a lecture by Albertino Gonçalves on “O olhar de cristo”, the meeting continued with a musical moment by Francisco Béreny Domingues (guitar). Álvaro Domingues had the floor to talk about the man being honoured.

Before the closing performance by the Ethnographic Group of Melgaço, the book Sociologia Indisciplinada by Rita Ribeiro was presented.

[Posted: 05-12-2022]