II International Conference on Culture & Society – What Literacy (s) for Economic and Social Justice?

The call for papers for the “II International Conference on Culture & Society – What Literacy(s) for Economic and Social Justice?”, which will take place at the University of Zambeze, in Mozambique, is open until December 15th.

Due to the restrictions placed by COVID-19, the Organizing Committee of this conference scheduled for the 17th and 18th of September 2020, chose to postpone the event to the 27th and 28th of May 2021.

The II International Conference on Culture & Society, which aims to pay tribute to Heliodoro Baptista, Romualdo Johnam – sets up a space for dialogue and the construction of international networks – addressing contemporary themes transversal to several areas of knowledge, from linguistic policies, legal and economic policies and socio-cultural spaces in Portuguese-speaking countries, going through the critical problematization of the concept of Lusophony, to reach the press, intellectual history, books and culture, publishing, the arts and the impact of female writing on the understanding of the thought in Portuguese.

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[Published: 09-07-2020]