III Communication Workshop from IGPM CECS-UMinho/Bosch project

“Comunication and Leadership” was the theme of the III Workshop organized by the research group of the IGPM project: Integrated Global Project Management of Industrialization Projects, held on December 19 at the Institute of Social Sciences for project managers at Bosch Car Multimedia in Braga.

The objective of the initiative – proposed by the researchers Teresa Ruão, Ana Lopes and Margarida Carvalho, of the Communication and Society Research Center – was to present Bosch project managers with more diversified communication and leadership strategies that can be implemented in the performance of functions.

The program also included an intervention by Pedro A. Vieira, who worked on the theme of ‘Intercultural Communication’ in contexts of internationalization processes of companies. Pedro A. Vieira is a doctoral student in Communication Sciences at UMinho and Managing Partner of a company that operates in international markets.

The IGPM project is part of the Innovative Car HMI consortium, a I&DT program that results from a partnership between Bosch BrgP and UMinho, of which CECS is also a partner.


Text & photos: Margarida Carvalho