“Fires: What has changed in a year?”

One year after the tragedy that struck Portugal on October 15, 2017, the Communitas think tank opens up a debate on what may or may not have changed since then in the institutions and their degree of preparation, in the way fostered spaces for the expression of citizenship and journalistic coverage.

The event, which will take place next Monday, October 15, at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of Engineering II of the University of Minho (campus of Gualtar, in front of ICS), will be attended by the Director of the Degree in Civil Protection and Territory Management at the University of Minho, António Bento Gonçalves, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Jornal de Notícias, Paula Ferreira, and a CECS researcher, Ana Melo. The session was moderated by Madalena Oliveira, a CECS researcher.

Entrance is free and open to the whole community.

The debate will also have an online expression on the think tank page and will host opinions and comments between October 12 and 26.

[Text published 08-10-2018]