InOutScience with Karina Cunha

On December 9, Karina Poli Lima da Cunha was invited to the Permanent Seminar on Communication and Culture Policies to talk about “Networks of agglomeration and collaboration for Cultural Economy”.

In this seminar, the researcher from the University of São Paulo presented her postdoctoral study, with the initial hypothesis that the field of Cultural and Creative Production consists of two subfields: a subfield of cultural production and a subfield of production of innovation.

In a comparative project between the reality of Brazil and the United Kingdom, Karina Poli Lima da Cunha carried out, in the last two years, 10 case studies with Creative Hubs located in São Paulo, London, and Birmingham.

At the seminar, Karina Poli Lima da Cunha also presented the project she is currently developing, in which she comparatively analyzes the Hubs of the same territories located in Hackney Wick (London, United Kingdom) and Perus (São Paulo, Brazil) to observe the Hubs in a local and national context.

At InOutScience, Karina Cunha criticized some news of Brazilian political life. Watch the video.

[Published: 12-02-2020]