Inserção Profissional dos Jovens de Braga

The book “Inserção Profissional dos Jovens de Braga” [Professional Insertion of Young People of Braga], by Eduardo Duque (CECS), Cícero Pereira (Federal University of Paraíba) and José Durán Vázquez (University of Vigo) was presented on November 13 at 6:00 p.m. at GNRation, at Braga.

The publication, which has the support of the CECS, was presented by the mayor of Braga, Ricardo Rio and Paula Remoaldo (Senior Lecturer with Habillation of the University of Minho), and includes a set of indicators that allow the analysis of the impact of schooling on employability standards, as well as a reflection on the transformation of the labor society, the transformations that took place in the world of education and the impact of the consumer society that generated the new youth ethos.

This book is born within the framework of Braga 2012: European Capital of Youth, carrying out a study aimed to analyze the employability of young people in the region of Braga. This study, based on a sample of 644 young people living in the city of Braga, was conducted between November and December 2012. The publication presents the results obtained, contextualizing them in the dynamics of the transformation of labor relations in contemporary societies, trying to identify the role played by schooling in the various manifestations of the professional integration of the young people studied.
(from Introduction, pp. 9-10)