In the scope of its research activity, CECS created two observatories that aim to contribute to the development of actions of social and cultural intervention.


MILObs is an Observatory of Media, Information, and Literacy, that monitors and observes the activities undertaken in the field of media education.

Coordination: Sara Pereira and Manuel Pinto
Available at www.milobs.pt | milobs@ics.uminho.pt



POLObs is an Observatory of Policies on Science, Communication and Culture, a project to monitor the main actions that, in Portugal, move the field of communication and culture.

Coordination: Manuel Gama and Elsa Costa e Silva
Available at www.polobs.pt | polobs@ics.uminho.pt


BIP – Information Quality Barometer is an observatory of the quality of the information made available to citizens by public institutions, private organizations and media outlets in Portugal.

Coordeination: Luís Miguel Loureiro, Sandra Marinho and Rita Araújo

Available at www.b-info.ptbip@ics.uminho.pt