CECS researcher publishes “DEMOGRAPHY: It’s Time… to give more Time to Natality and Migration Flows”

Focusing his research in the area of ​​demography, focusing on the themes of birth and fertility, Fernando Pereira Cabodeira, who holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Minho and has lived in Vila Nova de Cerveira for several years, presents the book DEMOGRAPHY: It’s Time… to give more time to Natality and Migration Flows. It is a reflective, analytical and projective publication on demographic issues in Europe, Portugal and, specifically, in Alto Minho, listening to mayors and citizens.

With the seal of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira, the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS), and Edições Afrontamento, the public launch session is scheduled for September 11, at 6 pm, in Jardim do Solar dos Castros, in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

“Is Alto Minho the mirror of the country and does the country reflect Alto Minho?” This issue is the starting point of an investigation around demographic imbalances and birth and immigration policies, as one of the biggest challenges that hover in the world, and to which the Alto Minho region does not pass indifferently, forcing the establishment of new priorities for the agenda of the future.

DEMOGRAPHY: It’s Time… to Give More Time to Birth and Migration Flows is organized in four parts: in a first phase, the author contextualizes the investigation, identifying causes and consequences of the current demographic reality in Portugal and looking for solutions that reverse the current regressive dynamics; it follows a detailed analysis, through a questionnaire, of the measures adopted or to be adopted by Portuguese municipalities as an incentive to birth; using a case study, the third part of the book presents an analysis of fertility in Alto Minho, listening to citizens about the perspectives and intentions of establishing a family, reasons and conditions, comparing it with the national fertility survey (2013); and, finally, the erratic migratory movements registered due to the various conflict focuses that imply, in the author’s perspective, the need to think about repopulation and social dynamism through the social integration of communities that want new forms of life, new needs for social and family orientation and new spaces for discovery, in addition to reflecting on repopulation through fertility.

Fernando Pereira Cabodeira, who lived in Vila Nova de Cerveira for several years, received his doctorate in Sociology, in 2017, at the University of Minho, having defended the thesis “Alto Minho: Horizonte 2040 – Demographic and Social Perspective (What Present for the future?)”. He currently works as a consultant and is a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre. He has published, in the press, several opinion articles, namely of social and political scope.

[Posted: 01-09-2020]