Ph.D. in Communication Sciences, University of Minho, in 2018, with the thesis entitled “Representations of climate change in social networks Facebook and Twitter”, carried out under the auspices of CAPES – Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel, linked to the Ministry of Education of Brazil. Alice holds a master’s degree in Communication Sciences with a specialization in Information and Journalism, from the same university (UM), and a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication with a degree in Journalism from the Franciscan University, UFN, in Brazil.

She is a member of the Working Group of Young Investigators in Communication Sciences of SOPCOM – Portuguese Society of Communication Sciences and researches topics related to the area of environmental communication, science communication and digital social networks. Her publications include “Climate change in Twitter: the ascendancy of the media and politics” in the Journal Development and Environment and “Climate change in social networks: a case study of the Casebook in the Ibero-Latin American context“.