Graduated in Librarianship (Information Sciences), she defended the monograph entitled: “Folkcommunication: Information and Culture in the Northeastern Cordel” in 2011 and during her graduation, she participated in the Teaching Initiation Program, working in the area of “Resources and Services of Information”.

She completed two postgraduate degrees, a Specialisation in Philosophy of Education, Citizenship and Human Rights (2016) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Corporate Communication (2021).

She has written and presented papers at scientific events, extending her experience and interest in developing academic and scientific research.

Ana Daniele Maciel has over 10 years of experience in institutional communication, working in the communication and image consultancy of private and public institutions in Cabo Verde. Among awards and distinctions, she was awarded the Cabo Verde National Advertising Award — 2019 edition — in the branding category, with the ERIS logo.