I’m currently in the 4th year of my PhD in Communication Sciences at the University of Minho and my areas of interest are: the Quality of Journalism, Specialised Journalism and Forensic Journalism. In my Master’s thesis in Communication Sciences, I worked on access to information for the deaf community because Portuguese Sign Language in the media was practically non-existent.
I embraced the Porto Canal project for 12 years. I gained experience as a news anchor and reporter. I’ve been a researcher and editor of major reports, coordinated teams and became the first woman to narrate sports on Porto Canal. In 2021, Porto Editora invited me to co-author the biography “Alfredo Quintana – An Extraordinary Warrior”. I also joined the editorial staff of Canal 11, owned by the Portuguese Football Federation.
As well as television, I completed a 150-hour Advanced Specialisation in Forensic Sciences, Criminal Investigation and Deviant Behaviour.