Ana Macedo holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies (2019) from the University of Minho in partnership with the University of Aveiro, in the area of Sociology of Culture.
Master’s Degree in History of Populations (1993), with a degree in History and Social Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences Teaching from the University of Minho, was a Fellow of the National Institute of Scientific Research (INIC) and is currently a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS). Her publications include Family, Society, and Power Strategies (1750-1830): The Jácome de Vasconcelos family from the parish of S. Tiago da Cividade, Braga (1996) and Memoirs and the intimate diary of a bravo fidalgo (1787-1810) (2013).
She focuses her research in the field of Cultural Studies and Contemporary History, particularly in the studies of private memories, family archives, correspondence, journals, and autobiographies. Currently, she is part of the international project Associação Arquivo dos Diários, which is based in Lisbon in Portugal. The purpose of this Association is to preserve, enhance and disseminate individual memories and the promotion of cross-cutting testimonies to all spheres of society.