Post-Doc in Social Service, by the Catholic Pontificial University of São Paulo, in 2014, Ana Maria Costa e Silva got her PhD in Education Sciences, in 2005, by the UM and the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. Lecturer in the Institute of Education, in the University of Minho, she is the coordinator of the Masters Degree in Educational Mediation, Teaching and Supervision.

As a specialist in School Curricula and Conflict Mediation, she is the leading coordinator of the Portuguese team that has joined the European research project ARLEKIN – Social Mediation in Europe (2013-2016) – which gathers several institutions in the European Level, she is part, also, of the overall coordination of the European project CreE.A – Construction of the European Social Mediation Area (2016-2019). Founding member of Estreiadiálogos – International Network of Collaborative Research-Action within Lusophone countries – she has recently published Assistentes Sociais e Mediadores: construindo identidades profissionais (Chiado Editora, 2015) and International Handbook of Professional Identities (Scientific & Academic Publishing, 2015), the latest as co-author.