Bruno Mesquita, a 27-year-old digital artist, completed his bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Multimedia (2020) at the College of Arts and Design in Matosinhos. Currently, he is expanding his knowledge as a Media Arts master’s student at the UMinho while working as a Research Fellow (MA) at CECS – funded by the FCT, within the scope of the project “MigraMediaActs – Migrations, media and activisms in Portuguese language: decolonising mediascapes and imagining alternative futures”.

Previously, Bruno worked as a filmmaker and photographer at esad-Idea – research in design and art. His current focus lies in documenting through photography and video, exploring new territories and forms of expression within media arts. Throughout his career, he has collaborated on various projects such as Hands-On type (2021) and Porto Design Biennale – Alter Realities (2021), serving as a photographer, filmmaker, and coordinating photography and video at Porto Design Biennale – Being Water (2023).