PhD in Communication Sciences, in the field of Psychology of Communication, by the University of Minho in 2012, Carla Cerqueira is a Post-Doc researcher and Lecturer in the Lusophone University of Oporto. She is also in the Opinion Board of Public Service Media RTP, as a representative of the Citizenship and Gender Equality Comission.

She studies the relationship between media and gender, in the particular case of ONG. She has published “A cobertura  jornalística  do  Dia  Internacional  das  Mulheres  na  imprensa  portuguesa:  mudanças,  persistências  e  reconfigurações” and “De outro género: propostas para a promoção de um jornalismo mais inclusivo“, both with other authors.

Carla Cerqueira has several connections with organizations, such as API (Plano I Association for Equality and Inclusion), founding member of Teatro do Oprimido de Braga and president of Civitas Braga. She is also a member of the international team Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG Europa), of the Gender and Communication and Journalism Sections of ECREA. Member of IAMCR, Portuguese Women Association (APEM), Sopcom and UMAR, she founded the Communication and Diversity Permanent Seminar based in the CECS.