Holds a PhD in Communication and Culture at the Latin American Integration Program, by University of São Paulo (PROLAM-USP, 2013). Master in Communication and Semiotics (2006) and Bachelor of Journalism (2001) from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Specializations in Ibero-American Journalism (Balboa Program 2007), and in Environmental Journalism (Cásper Líbero, 2001). Postdoctoral internships at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (2017) and the University of Navarra (2015) researching business models for journalism. Visiting scholar/sandwich doctorate at the University of California San Diego (2012) researching networks and identities for journalism. Author of books “Como financiar o jornalismo?” (2018), “La jornada del periodista” (2017) and “A natureza na TV” (2015).

Acting as a journalism teacher for 15 years in Brazil and as a journalist on Brazilian public TV Padre Anchieta Foundation / TV Cultura de São Paulo, Spanish EFE News Agency and freelance correspondent. Current FCT Junior Researcher at CECS for the profile in Journalism, Participation and Digital Media.