Title of the doctoral project: A critical analysis of the landscape experience, construction of the sense of place and identity through film culture and the film club social movement.

Supervisor: Ana Francisca Araújo Rodrigues Azevedo Silva

Graduated in Artistic Education at the University of the State of Santa Catarina (1995) and master’s degree in Language Sciences at the University of the South of Santa Catarina (2007), PhD student in Geography, specializing in Human Geography at the University of Minho, Portugal. Effective teacher of Arts, basic, technical and technological education, at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina, since 1997. Advisor in the area of Arts in the Academic Department of Language, Technology, Education and Science, coordinates the extension projects: Nucleus of Digital Production (NPD/SC) and Cineclub Ó Lhó Lhó. She has experience in cultural management, art education, heritage education and film club. She worked as a patrimonial educator at the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute, in this institution she developed professional qualification courses with the IFSC and the city hall, creative economy projects, cultural points, safeguarding cultural heritage, founded and coordinated the Laguna Cineclub and coordinated the network of 28 IPHAN cineclubs in historic cities.