Graduated in History at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (2019, UFES/BR), he developed research in History of Science, Portuguese History, History of Portuguese Institutions and the Overseas Portuguese Empire, with emphasis on the Ancient Regime and Modern Period, guided by Patrícia M.S. Merlo.

Master in Sociology at the University of Minho (2021) with emphasis on Sociology of Food and Food Practices under the guidance of Maria Paula Mascarenhas, with a dissertation entitled “Affective construction of food”.

He is currently carrying out his PhD research in Sociology, entitled “Affective food consumption: a study of the eating practices and cultural values of young people in Portugal” at the Center for Communication and Society Studies, Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho, being the beneficiary of a PhD scholarship (ref. 2023.01684.BD), promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

His research interests focus on the studies of Sociology of Food and food culture, consumption, food and memory, food and emotions, and food connection with subjectivity. Specifically, it explores topics around affectivity and food imagery, relating contemporary forms of interaction with the food field with the different perspectives of each individual and the groups in which they belong.