Isabel Macedo holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Minho in the area of ​​Communication and Culture. Her thesis, entitled “Migrations, cultural memory and identity representations: promoting intercultural dialogue through film literacy”, result of a project supported by the Portuguese Agency for Science and Technology. She is a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre and her main research interests combine the areas of Migration, Film Studies, Cultural Memory, Social Representations and Intercultural Communication. Among her publications are “Young people and Portuguese cinema: the (des)colonization of the imaginary?” And “Diasporic Identity(ies) and the Meaning of Home in Lusophone Documentary Films”, the last one in co-authorship.

She is a member of ECREA – European Communication Research and Education Association, AIM – Association of Moving Image Researchers, Sopcom – Portuguese Society of Communication Sciences, and Visual Culture Working Group and Young Researchers in Communication Sciences Group, both Groups within Sopcom.