José Gabriel Andrade is Assistant Professor at the University of Minho. In 2015 he obtained the title of “European Doctor in Communication Sciences” from the Portuguese Catholic University (research supported by FCT) defending a thesis on communication, organization and politics in Luso-Brazilian relations. In 2009 he received the title of Master in Communication Sciences: Communication, Organization and New Technologies from UCP with the support of the European Union Alban Program. He holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the Catholic University of Santos, São Paulo.

He is a member of the COST European Network and member of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences SOPCOM – where he coordinates the Organizational and Institutional Communication Working Group – and of the international networks IAMCR, ECREA and LUSOCOM.

He has been working in Organizational Communication since 2002 working as a communications advisor and consultant in public and private companies in Brazil and Portugal.

His areas of academic interest are the studies of communication sciences, particularly Organizational Communication and New Information and Communication Technologies. Having published in this field as author and co-author in books and scientific journals. Published works include: “Public Relations and Organizational Communication, Challenges of Globalization” (2015) and “Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere” (2018).