Luís Carmelo is a Portuguese writer, born in Évora (1954). PhD in Semiotics (University of Utrecht, Netherlands, 1995), he is an author of several novels, essays and some volumes of poetry that were published in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Holland and Colombia.

The most recente trilogy, composed by the novels ‘Gnaisse’ (2015), ‘Por Mão Própria’ (2016) and ‘Sísifo’ (2017), was edited by Abysmo (Lisbon). Portuguese Writers Association Prize, 1988. Several Shortlists (the most recent: Oceanos Literary Prize, 2019 and Correntes d´Escritas Literary Prize, 2019). Film adaptation of the novel ‘A Falha’ (2002) by director João Mário Grilo. Chronist at Expresso (2005-2009), RTP1 (2013) and ‘Hoje Macau’.

Since 2008, he directs EC.ON – Escola de Escritas in partnership with CVC (Instituto Camões). Editor of Nova Mymosa.

Associate Professor at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. Member of Associação Portuguesa de Escritores / Writers Portuguese Association (A.P.E.) and of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (I.A.S.S.- A.I.S.).