Luís Fernandes (Braga, 1981) is a musician, cultural programmer and lecturer. He holds a master’s degree in Art Studies from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.

As a musician, he has pursued solo endeavours and as a member of multiple projects, collaborated with, among others, peixe : avião, Joana Gama, Ricardo Jacinto, Drumming GP, Orquestra Metropolitana, Lloyd Cole, Rodrigo Leão, Victor Hugo Pontes or João Pedro Rodrigues.

He has been a guest speaker at Berklee College of Music, Elektra – Festival d’arts numériques, Ars Electronica, MAAT or Fundação de Serralves. Additionally, he is an Invited Professor for the Degree in Visual Arts and the Master’s in Media Arts at the University of Minho, as well as for the PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts at the Portuguese Catholic University.

In 2023, he assumed the role of joint artistic director of gnration (which he had directed since 2014) and Theatro Circo. He is also the artistic director of the INDEX Biennial of Art and Technology.