Full Professor at the Federal University of Ceará since 1992. Professor at the Post-Graduate Program in Information Science and Information Sciences Department. Master’s Degree in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP – 1995). Ph.D. in Sociology (UFC – 2002). He is currently doing postdoctoral research at the Center for Communication and Society Studies (CECS), Universidade do Minho, in Braga, Portugal. Has experience in the area of Information Science and Social Communication, studying the topics: Information Science; Librarianship; Communication; Cultural Studies applied to info-communicational mediations. Also research on Culture and Media, Culture and mediations; Information Mediation, Media Cultures; Memory and Society; Memory and media. He directs works in the fields of media and information sociology; semiotics of the media and culture. He belongs to the line of research Mediation and Management of Information and Knowledge, where he teaches the disciplines: “Culture and Mediation of Information”; “Information for the media”.