PhD in Communication Sciences (2013) by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, in the New University of Lisbon, Maria José Brites is currently undertaking a Post-Doc research project in the Communication and Society Research Centre in the University of Minho. She is also a Lecturer in the Lusophone University of Oporto.

Her research interests include areas such as youth studies, journalism and participation, audience studies, literacy news and civic literacy. She is a member of two Cost actions  (Cost/FP1104 and Cost/IS1401) and integrates CEDAR Network – Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research (vice-coordinator of the Methods and Methodology cluster).

She is a former coordinator in Portugal (2013-2014) of RadioActive Europe project, an award winning initiative by institutions TIC Society and FCT, in the Inclusion and Digital Literacy category.


More information about the Post-Doc research project

Title: ANLite: Audiences, News and Literacy”

Supervision: Manuel Pinto (UMinho), Cristina Ponte (New University of Lisbon) and Cindy Carter (Cardiff University).

Description: International research (Mihailidis, 2012; Hobbs et al, 2011; Brites, 2013; Brites et al, 2016; Brites et al, no prelo/2017) supports the news’ relevance as elements of socialization and promotion of a social critical awareness. It becomes apparent and imperative that the articulation between education and communication, oriented towards active citizenship, must be reinforced (Soares, 2000). This research aims to identify useful contributions to civic media literacy in relation to youth communities, schools, family and news media. In the project, we use participatory methodologies, such as content production, interviews and training activities.