Paula Campos Ribeiro holds a PhD in Communication Sciences in the area of Organizational Communication, from the University of Minho (2016); she attended the doctoral programme in Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela (1995), has a postgraduate degree and specialisation in Economic and Social Development, from the Faculty of Philosophy of Braga of the Portuguese Catholic University (1993); and has a degree in Philosophy from the Portuguese Catholic University (1990).

She is currently a Guest Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra, in the Philosophy, Communication and Information Division, in the Communication Sciences Section, where she teaches in the Master’s Degree and in the Degree in Journalism and Communication. And, also, Guest Associate Professor – Atlântica – Instituto Universitário. In 2018 she passed through the Higher Institute of Organizational Communication where she had the opportunity to hold the position of sub-director and teach undergraduate and master’s degrees in business communication.

As a researcher, she participated in the Erasmus+ project of the International Technical Higher Education Network and in partnership with the Bosch/University of Minho, in the Factory of Future programme.

She has researched in the area of Organisational and Strategic Communication, Innovation Communication, and inter-organisational communication between the academy and companies, among other topics.

She began her academic career as an assistant at the Erasmus Institute of Higher Education and the Institute of Labour and Business Sciences (1991-1993). She then became a contracted assistant at Fernando Pessoa University (1993-1999), teaching various subjects in the area of Strategic and Organisational Communication and Marketing. And, in 2012, she was invited to teach at the University of Minho the subject of Organisational Communication, in the Master’s Degree in Sociology.

She co-founded the communication agency Torre de Babel – Comunicação e Imagem Empresarial, in 1992, where she developed the activity of technical consultancy. Later, he provided communication services to companies as an independent professional.