Paulo Ferreira, 52 years old, from Trás-os-Montes by birth, from Porto by choice, and a fan of FC Porto with all his heart. He graduated in International Relations from the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP) of the University of Lisbon, specialising in International Economics. He has a doctorate from the University of Minho and is a member of the research team of POLObs – Observatory of Policies on Science, Communication and Culture.

He began his career, in the distant days of 1994 at the newspaper in his home town: Valpaços (district of Vila Real). From there, he joined the staff of Semanário Transmontano, an extinct but distinguished newspaper that dared to create a team of professionals dedicated to the community and, above all, to the cause: to create a weekly newspaper that ventured to cover the districts of Bragança and Vila Real simultaneously.

He was the correspondent for Trás-os-Montes for TSF, Público and 24horas. He was an economics journalist in the Oporto newsroom of 24horas. He edited the “Regions” and “Economy” sections in Comércio do Porto, where he was in charge of the editorial staff. He was editor of “Economy” and coordinator of “Politics” at Jornal de Notícias, where he would take on the posts of editor-in-chief and deputy director. He was the Director of Information Content at the Porto Canal. He returned to Jornal de Notícias in 2018.