PhD in Sociology of Culture in the New University of Lisbon, in 2002, he is a former Lecturer in the Arts Faculty in the University of Oporto and in the University of Minho, in the area of Cyberculture. Coordinator of several research projects funded by FCT, e.g. ‘Scientific-Technological Literacy and Public Opinion: the case of science museums’, ‘Public Communication of Arts: the case of local/global art museums’, he has published, for instance, Sociologie Sémantico-Logique des Ruines: pour une hermeneutique hybride de la ruine à la Web 2.0 et à la Web 3.0 and A arte Excursionista.

Pedro de Andrade also developed activities in fine arts, experimental cinema (Paris_Film_Coop), hybrimedia and in digital games (Body Cinema, 1st GeoNovel). His research stands in the topics of art and science museums, digital communications and literacies, digital social networks (Web 2.0/Web 3.0), methodologies and hypermedia.