Ricardo Nogueira Martins has a degree in Geography and Planning, a master’s degree in Geography – Planning and Territorial Management and a postgraduate degree in Community Policies and Territorial Cooperation from UMinho and a master’s degree in Strategic Innovation Management from TECMINHO-UMinho. During his academic career, he did an exchange programme in Spain at the University of the Balearic Islands.

He worked as a consultant in environmental impact assessment and was a researcher, equivalent to a senior technician, in the Laboratório da Paisagem (Landscape Lab).

His main research interests are Management, Conservation, and Promotion of Protected Areas, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation, Forestry, Rural Development and Regional and Local Development, Sustainable Land Use, Education for Sustainability, Environmental Diplomacy and Territorial Cooperation.

He is a Young Professional Regional Focal Point (Europe) at the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), a member of the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Fourth Cologne Geopark, and qualified in EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment as a competent expert in Territory and Soil by the QPAIA.

He frequently writes opinion articles for the media, mainly on environmental, rural development and land use planning issues.

Furthermore, he is currently the Executive Director of the Local Protected Landscape of the Upper Sousa.