An assistant researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre, she received her PhD in Communication Sciences in 2017 from the University of Minho.

At CECS, she is co-coordinator of the Barometer for Information Quality. She was an assistant professor at Universidade Lusíada – Norte and an adjunct professor at Instituto Politécnico de Bragança. She was a Visiting Scholar at the New York City Food Policy Centre, CUNY School of Public Health – Hunter College, and was a researcher on the European project HeaRT – Health Reporting Training Project, funded by the European Commission, and on the project A Doença em Notícia, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology.
She is a member of several scientific associations, such as SOPCOM, ECREA and ICA, and regularly participates in their meetings.

She carries out research in the areas of journalism, health journalism, health communication, information sources and health literacy. In recent years she has been part of a team that brought together researchers from various Portuguese universities to study communication about the COVID-19 pandemic.