Rui Alexandre Lalanda Martins Grácio holds a PhD in Communication Sciences (2011), a Master’s in Contemporary Philosophy (1993) and a degree in Philosophy (1987). He has been a professional teacher and specialist trainer since 1997, recognized by the Scientific-Pedagogical Council of Continuing Education.

He was a professor of Secondary Education and University Teaching and author of several books and  and textbooks. He is a researcher at CECS (Research Line of Cultural Studies) and GPARA – GRUPO DE PESQUISAS EM ARGUMENTAÇÃO E RETÓRICA APLICADAS, Federal University of Sergipe, Brasil. He is a foreign collaborator of ELAD – Estudos de Linguagem, Argumentação e Discurso,  of the Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Brasil.

He is editor since 1996, currently directing Grácio Editor.